Summer Whites – 3 Colors To Pair With White

Dear Diary, This week I have been wearing a lot of white. It’s summertime, and white just happens to be one of my favorite color staples to have readily available in my wardrobe. I always have a few pairs of white shoes, a handful of white dresses, white tops, jeans and shorts on hand forContinue reading “Summer Whites – 3 Colors To Pair With White”

Best Restaurants in Cedar Rapids – The Bohemian

Dear Diary, I found the most unique dining establishment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on my latest road trip. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’ve never been to Cedar Rapids and only had a few hours to explore the city. I chose the Czech Village/New Bohemian Main Street District and was pleasantlyContinue reading “Best Restaurants in Cedar Rapids – The Bohemian”

Modern Day Princess Look – Cinderella

A completely unplanned purchase, I came across this light blue baby doll top on Amazon and just couldn’t resist it. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with modern day Princess Looks and this top reminded me of Cinderella. The pale blue color of the top reminds me of her blue ball gown. This shirt, to me, isContinue reading “Modern Day Princess Look – Cinderella”

2021 Color Crush – Mustard & Marigold

I love the color yellow, especially in the summertime. Two colors that I’m totally crushing on right now are Mustard and Marigold. Bright yellow is a fun color but can give off a loud vibe and appear a bit over the top at times. Both shades, mustard and marigold seem to have a calming effectContinue reading “2021 Color Crush – Mustard & Marigold”

Wildlife Prairie Park

Dear Diary, This weekend I went to the beautiful state of Illinois for a Family Reunion! To be honest, it was totally last minute, and mostly prompted by my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday. What started as a day trip to surprise my Grandpa for his Birthday, turned into a weekend camping trip with all my siblingsContinue reading “Wildlife Prairie Park”

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