Choosing the Perfect Nickname

Choosing the Perfect Nickname to Increase Love and Connection. πŸ’ž

Love is a beautiful feeling that creates a powerful connection. Love is feeling that can’t be manufactured and sold on a shelf. It is a feeling that is rare and precious. A feeling that scientists and researchers cannot even explain to its fullest extent. A feeling people search for thier whole lives. And a feeling worth fighting for once you have found it.

The experience of falling in love is paramount in every great fairytale, and the primary reason for our very existence on this earth.

God, the Father and King of Light, designed us for love. He designed us to receive love and give love in a secret exchange that represents the most intimate connection between two beings.

Living in a fairytale means waking up every single morning with a smile, a giggle, and a heart bursting with the magical feeling of knowing we are loved, cherished, and adored.

Nicknames, or petnames are just one special part of a loving relationship that helps with the expression of deeper feelings of love and the excitement that it creates.

Finding a special name for someone you care about can strengthen the bond of love. It adds to the adventure of love and can be a fun way to connect just like a smile, an inside joke, or a secret.

You’re Extremely Hot

Names of endearment can be affectionate, creative, or playful. They can describe a character trait, an inside joke, or a special memory.

Some nicknames that are common in romantic relationships are names like:

1. Cutiepie
2. Babe
3. Prince Charming
4. My Heart
5. Honey
6. Sweetie
7. Pooh Bear
8. Doll Face
9. Darling
10. Bright Eyes

Maybe you currently have a nickname for your best friend, or your boyfriend? Maybe your parents or siblings have a playful name for you as a symbol of endearment? If you don’t have a special code name, that is about to change.

Our Father, the King has many names of endearment for his children. If Princess isn’t enough, He also refers to His children as… 

The apple of his eye. (Psalm 17:8)

Beloved (Romans 1:7)

His Chosen (Psalm 105:43)

And My Personal Favorite…

Beautiful One (Song of Solomon 2:10)

Just to name A Few!

There are also many special names that describe God’s character and who He is to us in our relationship with Him.

I’ve created a list of more personal names for God which help to strengthen the bond of love. Names of endearment will take you even deeper into your relationship so that you can experience more of His love, and affection; you can feel cherished and adored as the beautiful Princess He created you to be.

Names for God, our Father:

1. My Shield (Psalm 144:2)
2. Provider (Genesis 22:14)
3. Resting Place (Jeremiah 50:6)
4. My Strength (Psalm 43:2)
5. Deliverer (Psalm 70:5)
6. Comforter (Roman’s 15:5)
7. King of Kings (1 Timothy 6:15)
8. My Rock (Psalm 28:1)

Who is God to you today? Tell Him with a descriptive name.

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