Summer Whites – 3 Colors To Pair With White

Dear Diary,

This week I have been wearing a lot of white. It’s summertime, and white just happens to be one of my favorite color staples to have readily available in my wardrobe. I always have a few pairs of white shoes, a handful of white dresses, white tops, jeans and shorts on hand for the season.

If you are wondering why, it is because white is such a great color to pair with almost anything! I also feel the color evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness that centers me in busy moments.

If you are looking for something to pair with white this summer, pink is the perfect color. Pink is such a romantic color and will instantly soften up any white outfit you choose to wear while adding just the right touch of color without being too over the top.

Another color that goes great with white is…white! That’s right. White on white has beenĀ  popular for quite some time and it is not going out of style anytime soon. From white shoes with a white dress, to white jeans and a white tee, white on white is a classy and chic pairing that looks effortless.

White also looks amazing with neutrals. One of my favorite dresses this summer combines white with a sheer neutral fabric for a stunning and romantic look.

Style tip: make your look sparkle with the right handbag or shoes. I love this sparkley gold hand bag by Kate Spade. It adds just the right touch of glam!

How does white make you feel? In color psychology, white generally represents purity or innocence. It can also bring about feelings of calmness and tranquility. White is used to create contrast which is one reason it pairs so well with other colors.

What are some of your favorite colors to pair with white? I’d love to hear in the comments below.



Best Restaurants in Cedar Rapids – The Bohemian

Dear Diary,

I found the most unique dining establishment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on my latest road trip. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I’ve never been to Cedar Rapids and only had a few hours to explore the city. I chose the Czech Village/New Bohemian Main Street District and was pleasantly surprised at all of the adorable boutique shops in the area.

My brother and I were starving after driving all morning and walking around the Czech Village streets. We wanted to find a restaurant that was unique to the area. Our original plan was to try a local brewery, but it was noon, and they were all closed till after 2pm. That’s when we stumbled upon The Bohemian.

I was excited when I saw the outdoor seating as the weather was warm with a gentle breeze, perfect for lunch on the second story with a view of the neighborhood.

The restaurant had a cafeteria feel when we first entered. The menu was written on a chalkboard by the counter. We placed our food order with a girl stationed behind the register, which we received on a cafeteria tray to carry to our table.

The real adventure began after we received our food. We walked through a mysterious set of doors that separates the food preparation area from the restaurant’s many hidden zones of entertainment.

We entered a spacious living room area with couches, tables, bookshelves, a huge fireplace, piano and a bar to place our drink order. My imagination started to run wild as I could envision myself spending an entire afternoon at this intriguing establishment, lounging on the leather sofa, with a new book and steaming cup of coffee, or passing a rainy evening listening to live jazz and sipping wine with friends.

After ordering drinks, we made our way up a narrow set of stairs to the outdoor seating area and enjoyed the flavor filled Grilled Salmon Wraps in the open Iowa air. The Second floor outdoor area offered a unique view of the neighborhood and comfortable seating.

The inside spaces of the second floor were just as intriguing as the first floor, and outdoor space. There was another bar and cozy living room area with games like chess set up in front of a fire place.

Before leaving, we explored the basement wine cellar, another spacious area for entertaining and connecting over drinks and food.

Food aside, I think the reason I love The Bohemian so much is the cool vibe and decor, not to mention the mystery and time period staples that make you feel like you have been transported back in time to a different era.

The restaurant provides a unique experience and new way of connecting. If you are traveling through Iowa, I highly recommend stopping in.

Signing off until my next adventure,


Modern Day Princess Look – Cinderella

A completely unplanned purchase, I came across this light blue baby doll top on Amazon and just couldn’t resist it. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with modern day Princess Looks and this top reminded me of Cinderella.

The pale blue color of the top reminds me of her blue ball gown. This shirt, to me, is the embodiment of a dream come true. I am absolutely convinced this top would be in her closet.

The best thing about a pastel blue is that is looks great with a variety of colors. Personally, I like wearing it with white and neutral, but you can also pair it with other pastels, caramel, and even black.

The real test of a closet staple is the way the clothing transforms you. This sheer, ruffled top immediately made me feel like Royalty. I noticed I moved differently, with a bit more grace. I held myself with confidence. I started smiling, twirling, and felt lighter. I was able to relax.

This shirt has so many style possibilities from pairing it with biker shorts to blue jeans. The feminine look makes it dressy enough to wear out to Sunday brunch, but you could also dress it down with a pair of ripped jeans for a laid back look.

Do you have an unforgettable purchase that made your favorites list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.



2021 Color Crush – Mustard & Marigold

I love the color yellow, especially in the summertime. Two colors that I’m totally crushing on right now are Mustard and Marigold. Bright yellow is a fun color but can give off a loud vibe and appear a bit over the top at times. Both shades, mustard and marigold seem to have a calming effect that comes across as more sophisticated and polished.

Since I’m crushing on yellow so much this year, I wanted to take some time today to highlight a few pieces in my favorite shades of yellow that I wore on a recent trip to Chicago.

Mustard and Marigold are so easy to wear, and flattering on almost any skin tone, just pair them with neutral, white or cream accents and add gold jewelry for a complete look.

On a recent shopping trip in Chicago, I spent a whole day site seeing in this adorable mustard yellow jump suit from American Eagle, paired with a pair of white sandals and some sunnies.

I also have a soft spot for crop tops in Marigold and Mustard. I think yellow is always a great choice for casual attire and these particular shades feel fresh and new.

Of course these colors look absolutely amazing in many styles. I am a huge fan of romantic dresses with ruffles and lace, seeing them in Marigold and Mustard makes me rethink my idea of a quintessential summer dress.

Once again, when looking for ways to style your look, both colors look great paired with neutral accents and woven bags.

Have you tried the 2021 color trend? What is your Favorite Yellow Look? I’d love to hear in the comments below.



Wildlife Prairie Park

Dear Diary,

This weekend I went to the beautiful state of Illinois for a Family Reunion! To be honest, it was totally last minute, and mostly prompted by my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday.

What started as a day trip to surprise my Grandpa for his Birthday, turned into a weekend camping trip with all my siblings and cousins and a new adventure for my journal.

Are you wondering where Wildlife Prairie Park is located? If you have never been to Illinois, it is nestled in the central part of the midwest state, just 10 miles west of Peoria, in Hanna City. The park is situated on 1800 acres and happens to be home to over 150 different animals native to the area, hence the name.

I was a little bit nervous when my family suggested camping because, I’m not a skilled tent camper! I could not help but wonder what I was getting myself into? Luckily, there is a very informative website and I was happy to learn the park actually has a few different lodging options that are extremely creative.

You can choose your adventure! From Luxery Cabins and Grain Bins, to Prairie Stables, and Cabooses, there are many different experiences to pick from. All the options made it excellent for a large Family Reunion!

The Red Caboose

My family spread out and booked the Grain Bin, a Caboose, a Tent Lot, and I got the joy of experiencing the Prairie Stable. All of the cabins had a very country feel to them with quilted beds, wood floors, and wildlife pictures decorating the walls.

The campground can be confusing to navigate upon arrival, but the park ranger will provide a colorful map of the park to help with navigating the gravel roads.

I was one of the last in my family to arrive, and was pleasantly surprised to find a cozy fire, and grilled hotdogs prepared by my family.

After I chose my bed and unpacked my suitcase, I decided to join my siblings by the fire. That is when the real adventure began.

“Did they catch those inmates yet?” My brother-in-law ask in a curious tone. “I’m not sure what you are talking about,” I responded a bit confused. “There were 4 inmates that escaped from Fulton County Jail 2 nights ago, they are said to be hiding out in Peoria County. They are all armed and dangerous, so better keep an eye out.”

At first, I thought he might be joking, but then I heard the news for myself. A warning faintly crackled across the old 12inch box tv in the corner of the Grain Bin. I saw the pictures and descriptions of the inmates who were still at large. In that moment, I felt like I was in a real 1950’s Western as we huddled around the fire pit and watched the sun disappear, the knowledge of a jailbreak on everyone’s minds.

I pushed this new information from my mind with thoughts of all the safety measures the park had taken to keep people safe, and slept comfortably under the warm quilt on the bed in my cabin. I woke up refreshed Saturday morning, ready for the Birthday celebration at my Grandpa’s house.

Things got interesting once again on the second evening of my stay. The Prairie Stable, in particular, truly became a memorable experience when my sister saw a mouse scamper across the floor. I didn’t want to believe her but about an hour later, another relative spotted the mouse and much to my surprise I saw the critter too!

I totally freaked out, and made my brother inspect the entire cabin but his search turned up empty. The mouse was gone as fast as he had come. I can’t complain. The mouse excitement definitely gave me a true Parire Stable experience.

I was glad to see the wildlife that was living Outside of my cabin. I saw many deer, bison and elk. Unfortunately, it rained non-stop from the time I arrived to the time that I left, so I didn’t go on any of the hiking trails or the train ride.

One of the great highlights of the weekend was the huge Recreation Center. It had a vending machine, arcade game, ping-pong table and board games. It just happened to be centrally located next to the Grain Bins, and Prairie Stables where we were staying. The Recreation Room proved to be a perfect place for the family to congregate and hold a ping-pong tournament after the BBQ and Smores!

The park was really a perfect place for families with young children. Even in the rain, the kids loved climbing on the metal statues near the cabins and running around in wide spaces of grass. The weekend went by so fast, I barely had time to scratch the surface of all the activities the park had to offer which means, I’ll just have to go back.

I can see why the park has won awards for “Best of Peoria” and “Best Hidden Gem” for several years now, as there is so much to see and explore.

I’m signing off until my next adventure.



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