Pastels + Pearls = The Perfect Summer Style Combo

Dear Diary,

Today I am super excited to share some of my favorite Pastel style combos that got a lot of compliments this season. I’ll also share my favorite jewelry to pair with pastel for a complete look.

What is the best way to wear pastel shades this summer?

Pair them with neutrals or whites, or you can combine different shades of pastel together! The styling possibilities for pastels and sorbet colors are endless!

Let me show you some examples of the incredibly versatile styling options and various occasions to choose pastel.

For a bold and bright look, combine more then one pastel shade together and pair the look with white accents. In this look, I wore a pastel blue dress, with a pink purse and white shoes. To complete this look, I chose my favorite dainty, white flower hair clip.

However, if you want to center you outfit around one single pastel tone, I would suggest paring your outfit with neutral or white. Pastel tones look amazing with white and neutral accents.

This ruffle babydoll top is so stunning, I wanted to make sure it was the focal point of my outfit, so I chose to style the top with basic white biker shorts and sandals. It was just the right fit for an afternoon picnic at the park.

I found a great pair of sorbet colored, athletic shorts on Amazon which also take center stage when paired with white. Just right for a summer afternoon bike ride!

Now let’s talk about jewelry and the perfect combination…

Pearls and Pastels!

When choosing jewelry to pair with your pastels, you can definitely go for bold jewelry in gold but for a soft, classy and polished look I suggest Pearls as the perfect accessory to pair with pastels.

Pastels and Pearls are a match made in fashion heaven. You can make your look sweet and charming with small classic style pearl accents, or chose a more modern, raw and chunky style of pearls for a bit of an edgey look. Both choices will make a statement and add the right finishing touches to complete your look.

In the words of Jackie Kennedy, “Pearls are always appropriate.”

I went the extra mile with this look as I wore a pastel romper with pearl jewelry and pastel nail polish. Pastel colors for nails look great in the summer since they compliment other pastels for a bright rainbow look.

I use to reserve my pastels for spring but I have found so many great pastel pieces for my summer wardrobe as well, I believe this the color truly transcends the seasons.

Trendy Yet Timeless Summer Dress Styles

Dear Diary,

Today I have been thinking about the difference in style trends, and timeless classics.

Sometimes the idea of chasing fashion trends seems a bit frivolous, however, I have noticed there are a few dress styles I am going to focus on in my post, that I believe are both trendy and timeless. The perfect combination!

Year after year I see these styles coming back stronger then ever, so if you are looking for a dress that is both Of the Moment and Timeless…keep reading.

Puff Sleeve Dress

I’d first like to highlight the ever popular Puff Sleeve Dress. This style is a huge trend in SS 2021. The Puff Sleeve dresses are just so romantic and feminine they make you feel like a Princess in your very own fairytale.

The best thing about choosing to purchase a Puff Sleeve dress is that there are so many different lengths, fabrics and styles to choose from. It is not difficult to find one that fits your unique style.

The dress I am wearing in this post is from Forever21 but, I found it secondhand from Plato’s Closet. Because I have seen the Puff Sleeve dresses year after year, I believe they are not just a trend but a summer staple for every wardrobe.

You can change the look of the dress by wearing flats, heels, wedges or even tennis shoes based on the style you want to achieve and the occasion.

Dresses in bright sunshine colors like orange and yellow are very popular colors to wear in the summer months.

Bright Color Dresses are eye-catching, fun and playful which is the epitome of what summer stands for.

Bright colors are great for the beach and vacations which is why they are also a style I would suggest is trendy and timeless at the same time.

You may have noticed that Slip Dresses are super trendy this summer. They have actually been in style for the past few seasons. I purchased my first two slip dresses last year from Express.

My guess is… they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Slip Dresses are so very versatile and comfortable they can be worn anywhere from the comfort of your home to date night.

Slip Dress from Express
Trendy Yet Timeless Luxury

A slip dress can be styled down and worn at home. Or you can style it up with a blazer and boots for a meeting, or strapy heels for a night with your friends. They are trendy yet timeless.

Choosing summer dresses that look incredible year after year is something to smile about.

A City Park Adventure, or The Beginning of A Fairytale?

Dear Diary,

As you know, I love to explore city parks! There are so many fascinating attractions that make each city park unique, I am always spellbound by the architecture, sculptures, fountains, lakes, and winding paths which lead to new mysteries around every curve and corner.

Just when I think I have seen it all, I discover something new!

As I venture out on my own more and more, I am learning new things about the rich history and culture of different cities across America. I am also becoming more aware of how much beauty is all around us.

Today I want to tell you about how I was recently inspired to make my afternoon of exploring a local city park into a Fairytale like experience, that gave me a renewed passion for adventure.

But first, I want you to imagine Your favorite fairytale princess. Now take a moment to think on what it is that makes that princess stand out? Is it her clothes? Her hair? Her smile? Or is it her personality? Her character? Her passion for life?

When I think about a princess with passion I love to think about Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. When Rapunzel finally gets the chance to escape from her tower she has her own Mini Adventure that actually transforms her entire life!

Can you imagine that an afternoon or overnight trip exploring your own city or a neighboring town could become a life changing experience?

Now what does Rapunzel’s adventure outside of her tower, exploring the Kingdom have to do with my own adventure, or your next adventure?


Repunzel initially has her sights set on just one tourist activity, to see “the floating lights” but on the way, she is open to experiencing some unexpected surprises that give her a new perspective on life and her purpose.

In the opening scene of the movie, Rapunzel is on repeat. She is doing the same chores and activities she does everyday just waiting for something exciting to happen to her.

Our lives are probably much the same way as we wake up each day and go through a series of tasks and chores and check off the daily to do list. Waiting… for some excitement. Some passion. Some romance. An Adventure!!

We often think that adventure means something big, like a fabulous trip, a shopping spree, or home makeover! We wait, and hope, and plan for one big event.

But really, true adventure is all around us. Rapunzel’s adventure BEGAN when she stepped out on the soft grass with her bare feet. It CONTINUED when she went to a new dining establishment and shared her dreams with complete strangers.

Inspired by Rapunzel, I wanted to make my own city park exploration day more of a real life Fairytale experience. So this afternoon, I stepped out of my routine, out of my tower, away from my chores and “to do” list, and went on a mini adventure.

First, I chose an outfit I absolutely love! I grabbed my favorite pair of jean shorts, a sculpted pink top, and white fringe sandals, perfect for a day at the park.

Second, I packed a bag with a new book, some of my favorite snacks, and a paint by numbers set I found on Amazon. The paint by numbers was definitely out of my comfort zone as I am not an artist, but part of an adventure is choosing to engage in something new you would not normally choose to do.

Next, I chose a local park I have driven past a million times but never actually stopped and taken the time to explore, and the adventure began.

On this particular afternoon, I spent a little bit more time immersed in nature, inspired by Rapunzel, I thought about my favorite song, from the Disney movie Tangled,

“Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I’d dreamed they’d be! Just feel the summer breeze – the way it’s calling me. For like the first time ever, I’m completely free…”

I walked the pathways past a gorgeous waterfall, around the lake, and really took time to look at the details of what makes this park unique.

I read, I painted, I snacked, and soaked in the sunshine and I realized just how much real life can feel like a fairytale simply by choosing to be in touch with nature and appreciate the beauty of the earth.

Seriously, the fountain at the entrance of the park reminded me of the fountain in the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast where Belle is seen reading and daydreaming.

The squirrels, rabbits are birds are not much different from the opening scene of Cinderella as she is also singing about her hopes and dreams. I realized all the ways in which my real life truly resembles my favorite Fairytales.

I know you are waiting for the climax of the Fairytale? Did I meet Flynn Rider yet, discover the woman raising me is actually only using me for my powers, and unlock my secret identity as a Princess?

All Fairytales start with an experience in nature, they start with stepping out into something unknown and trying something new, this is a glimpse into my journey which I hope will also inspire you!

Now let’s wait and see what happens as the travel and fashion adventures of my life continue.




Dear Diary,

Today I want to share with you all that was good in the month of July. With so many new experiences in fashion, food, and travel, there are a few favorites that left such a lasting impression, I kept going back.

Reminiscing About Those Favorite Things:

Favorite Fashions:

Rompers have been a summer staple for years, but this July I was absolutely obsessed. I wore rompers on my trips, rompers to work, rompers around the house, and even found some cute rompers to wear to sleep.

I love wearing a romper because you get a complete outfit in one piece. You can save time when getting ready for the day because you don’t have to try to match the right top and bottoms. I like to use that extra time to pair my favorite romper with the right accessories.

Favorite Shoes:

Without a doubt my favorite shoes in the month of July were a pair of white sandals made by Seven Dials Shoes that I purchased from Ross.

I really loved the hight I got with the platform style sandals and the fact that white goes with every color. The shoes matched my entire summer wardrobe. They were super comfortable for all the walking I did exploring different cities.

Favorite Food:

My Favorite Food in July was most definitely the Ice Cream at Clementine’s Creamery. I could go on and on about the exquisite flavors and creamy texture of the ice cream that kept me smiling all month.

I had given up ice cream in 2020 when I realized I had a dairy allergy. I have tried a few vegan ice creams but nothing compared to the real thing until I discovered Clementine’s. The vegan ice cream choices are absolutely amazing, you would never know they are dairy free.

I didn’t just go once. I fell in love with ice cream all over again and I kept going back to try different flavors and share the experience with others.

Favorite Fun Experience:

I went paddleboarding in the ocean for the first time ever, the morning of July 4th.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of freedom and excitement as a stood up on that board in the middle of the ocean and paddled away from the shore towards the unknown. It was the most exhilarating moment I have had in a long time.

Favorite Friendship:

I visited my best friend in Florida. It was a fast and furious trip filled with fun 4th of July events including my first time paddleboarding in the ocean. The trip was an unforgettable experience thanks to my friend.

I really enjoyed the company of a trusted friend as I was able to have some new experiences in her city. We savored some of her favorite restaurants, and activities and our bond was strengthened and renewed over oysters and golf cart rides.

Good Friendships are a key ingredient in the ability to savor all the good things in life and I’m blessed to have close friends to share new experiences with.

Favorite Family Activity:

My favorite family activity in July was a visit to Navy Pier in Chicago. Every Wednesday and Saturday night during the summer there is a spectacular fireworks show you can view from the pier.

During a weekend shopping trip I took my kids to see the show on the iconic harbor. It was definitely a memorable experience we all enjoyed.

Favorite Book:

I found a new book by Victoria Osteen, Exceptional You. The book is all about discovering your unique self and learning about your true value.

My favorite aspect about this book is the 1 page section at the end of each chapter called “Exceptional Thoughts” which lists affirmations to incorporate into our daily thought life.

Now that I have shared most of my favorite things, what am I planning for the future?

Future Planning:

Back to School is in the air, with only two weeks till the kids go back I’m spending a lot of my free time planning outfits, sports schedules, and upcoming activities.

I think that Back To School season can be stressful without proper planning for the future year. I like to keep a balance in all things, so my shopping trips are now geared towards Back To School styles and supplies while we are still enjoying living in the present freedoms of summer.

There you have it friends, all my July Favorites from food and fashion, to family and fufure planning.

What about you? Did you have a favorite fashion, or food you were obsessed with in July? I would love to hear about some of your favorites in the comments below.



Family Friendly Hike – Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota

Dear Diary,

Where will my shoes take me today?

I’m visiting Minneapolis, Minnesota for the very first time and decided to spend a day exploring Minnehaha Park. I heard there is a stunning 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs and beautiful Mississippi River overlooks. Sounds like a Must See!


Minnehaha Park, built in 1849, is one of Minneapolis’ oldest parks and attracts tons of tourists. I find the idea of a waterfall in the middle of a metropolitan area quite fascinating. Therefore, as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to see the Falls with my own eyes, to hear the roar of the water and take in the mysteries of nature.

Of course, I had A LOT of questions as I was planning this adventure. How far is the hike to the waterfall? Is there a paved trail or is it made of dirt or gravel? How would I know how to prepare? What should I wear???

A quick Google search led me to believe the hike was not more then a mile, and at least part of the trail was paved. This knowledge helped me to plan my travel outfit.

There was no need for serious hiking boots. I chose an athletic black tank top, greenĀ cargo shorts, and my favorite Pumas. I also took a mini backpack for my phone, keys, and wallet.

Quick Tip: Parking near the trail to the falls is not free! Make sure you are prepared to pay. You can park free near the pavilions and other areas of the park, if you want to explore more then just the Falls area.

When I arrived at the park, I found a spot near the Train Depot. There were some paved walkways and maps, still not 100% sure where I was headed, I decided to follow the sound of the roaring waterfall. (OK, I admit it, that was actually my brother’s idea).

The paved pathway led to a bridge at the top of the Waterfall. I actually enjoyed the view from the top and took a minute linger in the moment, enjoy my anticipation and to soak it all in before continuing on.

After walking across the bridge, I found several sets of tree lined stairs. Where would they lead? My anticipation was building with each step…

I could hear the roar of the waterfall getting louder and louder as I made my way down the tree enclosed staircase. Once I reached the bottom there before my eyes was another small bridge and the glorious Minnehaha Waterfall!

After some picture taking to capture the moment, I noticed just past the waterfall, in the opposite direction of the stairs, there was a wide dirt pathway which followed the creek. I had to see where it went.

Not more then a 10 minute walk was a map of the trails imprinted on a rock. I could choose a trail to the left, or the trail to the right. I felt like I was in a Choose Your Own Adventure Story, as I did not know exactly where I would end up.

I took the path to the Right heading down to the creeks edge. The creek was almost as exciting as the falls. I marveled the the stacks of rocks that I saw. My brother said he had heard of rock stacking but it was his first time seeing it.

I didn’t hesitate to unlace my Pumas and dip my feet into the cool creek water. I had to have the full experience and leave my mark by making my own rock stack!

The water was ice cold but felt refreshing against the hot summer sun. I wasn’t the only one excited to be romping through the creek. There were several families with kids of all ages hiking the trails and playing in the cool and refreshing waters.

Between the short hikes, playing in the creek, renting bikes, and viewing the Mississippi River I was captivated by something new and exciting all throughout the day. There is much to see and experience, a great bucketlist item for your next trip to Minneapolis!

Signing off until my next adventure!



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